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Voltage Optimisation

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously


Reduce the energy consumption of your air-conditioning and refrigeration without affecting the output you need


Maxwell™ is a heat transfer nanofluid additive which improves the energy efficiency of hydronic cooling & heating systems

Battery Storage

Protect your business from power cuts and increasing electricity costs with cutting edge behind-the-meter batteries.

EV Charging

Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously


Save energy and lower carbon emissions immediately and continuously

Emissis Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Our mission is to equip your business with solutions that amplify energy efficiency in your kitchen operations, ultimately boosting your savings and reducing your environmental footprint. Get in touch to explore the benefits of our products and how they can elevate your kitchen’s efficiency.

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Energy Saver

Coolnomix® is an energy saving device that guarantees to reduce kWh consumption when installed on AC , refrigeration and freezer equipment by between 20% and 40%.

Our globally patented, innovative, retrofit technology is actively reducing kWh consumption across hotel chains, restaurant groups, Universities, the NHS and some of the leading companies in the UK.

By reducing kWh consumption on a daily basis, Coolnomix® is helping organisations that rely on their AC & refrigeration equipment to fight back against the rising costs of electricity!

As well as being completely maintenance-free, Coolnomix® is saving our clients up to 40% in cooling mode and up to 20% in its new heating mode.

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For Air – Conditioning and Heating

By installing Coolnomix AC, air conditioning systems can substantially reduce their energy consumption, with users experiencing daily savings ranging from 15 % to 40 %.


For Refrigeration and Cooling

Coolnomix® AR is a retrofit energy optimisation system that will significantly decrease your running costs and save you a minimum of 20% per day on your refrigeration equipment.


For Deep Freezer Rooms

Coolnomix AF provides substantial energy and carbon savings for deep freezer rooms and long-term storage below zero, while ensuring the necessary cooling requirements are met.

Emissis Monitoring & Verification Center

Our state-of-the-art data reporting platform offers live updates on your energy consumption along with comprehensive analytics.

Our clients have the ability to monitor the performance of their energy-saving solution in real-time.

Additionally, providing valuable insights into its effectiveness our monitoring platform enables you to pinpoint opportunities for energy savings and take proactive steps to address them.

Monthly Reports & Updates

Our dedicated team of data monitoring experts tirelessly oversee our installed energy savings solutions, ensuring they operate flawlessly.

Additionally, they generate monthly reports for our clients, offering a comprehensive overview of the performance of the technologies they’ve invested in.

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