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In an era where energy resilience and sustainability are paramount, industrial battery storage stands as a transformative solution for powering industries with efficiency, reliability, and environmental consciousness.

We help businesses to make the most of behind-the-meter energy storage. Batteries do more than just store excess power from renewable generation. Even without onsite generation, you can still be an effective smart grid player taking power from the grid when power is cheap and discharging to fuel your business when power is expensive. If you do have onsite renewables you can increase the value of your generation.

The Evolution of Industrial Battery Storage:

Industrial battery storage has evolved from a mere backup power solution to a dynamic and essential component of modern industrial infrastructure. These advanced systems not only store excess energy but also play a pivotal role in stabilising the electrical grid, enhancing energy efficiency, and providing critical support during peak demand periods.

The Key Benefits: ®

  • Energy Cost Management: Harness the power of industrial battery storage to optimise energy costs. Store electricity during periods of low demand or when renewable energy generation is high, and utilise it during peak hours to reduce reliance on grid power and associated costs.

  • Grid Stability and Reliability: Industrial battery storage systems act as a stabilizing force on the electrical grid by providing instantaneous power when demand surges or fluctuations occur. This enhances grid reliability and minimises the risk of power interruptions.
  • Renewable Integration: Seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources like solar and wind into your industrial operations. Industrial battery storage ensures a continuous and reliable power supply by storing excess energy generated during peak renewable production times.
  • Emergency Backup Power: Safeguard your operations against unexpected power outages with robust emergency backup capabilities. Industrial battery storage ensures uninterrupted power supply during critical moments, preventing costly downtime and potential damage to sensitive equipment.

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Industrial battery energy storage refers to the use of large-scale batteries to store electricity generated by industrial facilities, such as power plants or renewable energy installations. These systems play a crucial role in balancing the supply and demand of electricity, improving grid stability, and enabling the integration of renewable energy sources.

Energy Management:

Industrial battery energy storage systems provide a means to store excess electricity during times of low demand or high generation and release it when demand is high or generation is low.

Grid Stabilisation:

Battery energy storage can rapidly respond to fluctuations in electricity supply and demand, providing grid stabilisation services such as frequency regulation and voltage support.

Solar Integration

Battery storage can store surplus electricity generated during periods of high renewable energy production and release it when generation is low, allowing for a smoother integration of renewables into the grid.


Industrial batteries allow for the time-shifting of electricity consumption. Excess electricity generated during off-peak hours can be stored in batteries and utilised during peak demand periods.

Demand Response:

Battery energy storage enables demand response programmes, where industrial facilities can adjust their electricity consumption patterns to match supply and demand conditions.

Backup Power:

In addition to grid support services, industrial battery energy storage systems can provide backup power during outages or emergencies.

Environmental Benefits:

By integrating renewable energy sources effectively and reducing reliance on fossil fuel-based peaking power stations, energy storage systems help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner energy generation.

Ancillary Services:

Battery energy storage systems can provide ancillary services to the grid, including frequency regulation, voltage support, and grid reliability services.

Peak Shaving:

Industrial battery energy storage systems can help reduce peak demand on the grid by discharging stored electricity during periods of high demand. By smoothing out spikes in electricity consumption.

Why Choose Our Battery Storage Solutions:®

  • Scalability: Our industrial battery storage solutions are scalable to accommodate the evolving energy demands of your business.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and analytics ensure optimal performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for increased efficiency.
  • Custom Integration: We work closely with your team to design and implement a customised industrial battery storage system that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure

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