How Tees Active Made a Splash in Savings with Voltage Optimisation

How Tees Active Made a Splash in Savings with Voltage Optimisation

December 19, 2023

Tees Active is a charitable trust that operates a range of facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and ice skating rinks. In August 2022, Tees Active introduced its environmental plan, which aimed to enhance energy efficiency across its venues. True to their commitment, they successfully fulfilled this objective by investing in Voltage Optimisation technology, furthering their efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

When a Voltage Optimisation machine was successfully installed at a Tees Active facility, it created significant energy savings. The installation brought about significant benefits in terms of financial savings and reduced carbon footprint. The outcome of this installation demonstrates how adopting Voltage Optimisation as an energy-saving solution is important and beneficial.

Operations Manager Darren Humphrey from Tees Active can further attest to the efficiency of Voltage Optimisation.

“I’m highly impressed with Emissis and its voltage optimisation solution. The tailored solution perfectly aligned with our savings goals, and the entire process, from consultation to installation, was executed with commendable professionalism and precision. The Emissis team’s exceptional expertise ensured a seamless experience with minimal disruption to our operations, resulting in significant savings for Tees Active. I recommend Emissis as a reliable and professional partner in energy optimisation.”

The UK aims to be net zero by 2050, so companies throughout the UK, regardless of size, should seriously consider adopting technologies such as Voltage Optimisation to save on energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and positively impact the environment. Voltage Optimisation is a practical and impactful solution that can significantly contribute to achieving sustainability goals.

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