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Our solutions are designed to help you save costs, reduce energy consumption, and elevate your kitchen’s overall performance.

Emissis Kitchen Solutions®

At Emissis, we recognise that achieving energy efficiency and cost savings is a top priority for businesses, particularly in the realm of kitchen management.

As a leading provider of Energy Reduction systems in the UK, Emissis specialises in crafting tailor-made solutions to cater to your unique needs. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our array of innovative products.

Our team of engineers, boasting decades of expertise, is poised to create personalised solutions exclusively for your requirements. Our history of reliability has won the trust of a diverse clientele, including government contracts and national retailers.

Our mission is to equip your business with solutions that amplify energy efficiency in your kitchen operations, ultimately boosting your savings and reducing your environmental footprint.

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Coolnomix AC01 (H) / AC02

For Air – Conditioning and Heating

By installing Coolnomix AC, air conditioning systems can substantially reduce their energy consumption, with users experiencing daily savings ranging from 15 % to 40 %.

Coolnomix AR01 / AR02

For Refrigeration & Cooling

Coolnomix® AR is a retrofit energy optimisation system that will significantly decrease your running costs and save you a minimum of 20% per day on your refrigeration equipment.

Coolnomix AF01

For Deep Freezer Rooms

Coolnomix AF provides substantial energy and carbon savings for deep freezer rooms and long-term storage below zero, while ensuring the necessary cooling requirements are met.

The Bottle Fridge Manager

Maximise Savings on Bottle Fridges with the Emissis Bottle Fridge Manager:

Introducing the Emissis Bottle Fridge Energy Saver into your kitchens can bring significant benefits and contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective operation. This innovative product offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for Sodexo kitchens that utilise back bar bottle fridges.

The Emissis Bottle Fridge Energy Saver has been specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. By incorporating an infrared (IR) detector, this small device can detect movement in your kitchen. When no movement is detected, it automatically turns off the fridge, resulting in substantial energy savings. It can save up to 33% of the energy used by traditional back bar bottle fridges. For a restaurant that remains closed for an average of 12 hours per day, this means that each bottle fridge can be turned off for approximately 8 hours per day. As a result, significant savings of 1KwH per fridge per day can be achieved.

Ductless Ceiling Unit

In-room air purification technology with a quiet, space-saving design.

Designed specifically for ceiling mounted applications, The Emissis Ductless Ceiling Unit, powered by our proprietary AMP Technology, purifies the in-room air and surfaces of tested viruses, allergens, odors, and bacteria. The Ceilig unit combines the latest air purification technology with a space-saving, self-contained unit and a low-profile design ideal for restaurants, kitchens, schools, offices, hotels, daycares, and public spaces. The unit can be used in place of a standard 24″ x 24″ ceiling tile or directly mounted to a structural ceiling if a drop ceiling is not present.

Emissis Cellar Manager

Save 30% on on your main cooler energy

The Cellar Manager achieves a 30% reduction in energy consumption of the primary cellar cooler through a clever principle: the beer in the kegs warms up at a considerably slower rate than the surrounding air in the cellar. This smart system meticulously monitors various factors influencing the cellar environment, including internal and external temperatures, as well as door positions. It then adeptly regulates the main cellar cooler, toggling it on and off as needed. This ensures the beer stays at a steady 12 degrees Celsius, rather than mirroring the fluctuating air temperature, ultimately optimizing the power usage of the cellar cooler. Rigorous testing has demonstrated substantial energy savings, amounting to approximately £1,100 per annum.

Emissis Remote Optimiser

Save 60% on on remote cooler energy costs

Given that a bar is not pulling beer 24/7, it is possible to significantly reduce the energy used by the remote cooler. The Remote Optimiser links the coolers pump and condenser operation to the beer throughput, via the ice bank and recirculate temperature which saves in the region of £ 415.00 per remote cooler per annum.

Smart Python Times

Save 33% on remote cooler energy costs

Cellar Remote Coolers typically use an average of £1.50 worth of electricity per day, resulting in an annual cost of approximately £547.00. Considering that a typical pub is closed for an average of 12 hours daily, it’s entirely feasible to deactivate each remote cooler for around 8 hours each day. This prudent measure effectively trims a third off its energy consumption, resulting in an annual saving of approximately £180 per remote cooler. The Emissis Smart Python Time is a device that offers a simple yet effective solution. It can be precisely programmed to align with a pub’s specific opening hours. By orchestrating a power-down during the night, this intelligent timer can achieve a remarkable 33% reduction in the cellar remote cooler’s energy consumption.

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