Reducing energy consumption & C02 emissions

We help businesses to make big energy and carbon savings without changing cooling needs so that your building users are kept comfortable, equipment stays cool and your produce remains chilled.

Energy Saver®

Coolnomix® is an energy saving device that guarantees to reduce kWh consumption when installed on AC , refrigeration and freezer equipment by between 20% and 40%.

Our globally patented, innovative, retrofit technology is actively reducing kWh consumption across hotel chains, restaurant groups, Universities, the NHS and some of the leading companies in the UK.

By reducing kWh consumption on a daily basis, Coolnomix® is helping organisations that rely on their AC & refrigeration equipment to fight back against the rising costs of electricity!

As well as being completely maintenance-free, Coolnomix® is saving our clients up to 40% in cooling mode and up to 20% in its new heating mode.

We’re In Business

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For Air – Conditioning and Heating

By installing Coolnomix AC, air conditioning systems can substantially reduce their energy consumption, with users experiencing daily savings ranging from 15 % to 40 %.


For Refrigeration and Cooling

Coolnomix® AR is a retrofit energy optimisation system that will significantly decrease your running costs and save you a minimum of 20% per day on your refrigeration equipment.


For Deep Freezer Rooms

Coolnomix AF provides substantial energy and carbon savings for deep freezer rooms and long-term storage below zero, while ensuring the necessary cooling requirements are met.

Net Zero Is Coming

“Growing demand for air-conditioners is one of the most critical blind spots in today’s energy debate. If left unchecked, energy demand from air-conditioners will more than triple by 2050. The answer lies first and foremost in improving the efficiency of air-conditioners, which can quickly slow down the growth in cooling-related electricity demand. Indeed, the opportunity for efficient cooling lies in the market’s current inefficiencies: there are huge disparities in the efficiencies of air-conditioners sold today across the globe. ”

– Fatih Birol, Executive Director, IEA

Monthly Reports & Updates

Our dedicated team of data monitoring experts tirelessly oversee our installed Coolnomix energy savings solutions, ensuring they operate flawlessly.

Additionally, they generate monthly reports for our clients, offering a comprehensive overview of the performance of the technologies they’ve invested in.

technical Specifications

In most air-conditioning applications, a lot of energy is wasted because the unit’s compressor (the primary running cost component) runs much longer than necessary. Our patented Optimised Refrigerant Supply® (ORS®) process, integrated into the advanced Coolnomix® control device, reduces the cooling system compressor’s run-time, thus reducing electricity consumption, even in the most demanding, high and humid environments.

The Coolnomix® ORS® technology uses two temperature sensors in analgorithmic energy trading control arrangement to monitor the thermodynamic (room or space temperature) and the hydraulic (refrigerant supply) performance of the connected air-conditioning or refrigeration system.

In operation, this algorithmic energy trading approach first uses the room or space temperature sensor to ensure that a required setpoint has been achieved. Subsequently, this temperature sensor ensures that the space is maintained within +/-0.5°C (+/-0.9°F) of the required setpoint.

Meanwhile, a second temperature sensor connected to the indoor evaporator coil is used to identify when the compressor has done its useful hydraulic work in producing a supply of high-pressure liquid refrigerant. Using the built-in algorithmic energy trading control, the Coolnomix® ORS® advanced system then starts and stops the compressor at appropriate times to optimise running costs.

Coolnomix® can help any business who uses air conditioning to cool environments or refrigeration to keep produce chilled. We have installed Coolnomix® in many different businesses:

  • Non-invasive Intelligent thermostat with dual temperature sensors
  • Auto-detection of cooling and reverse cycle operation
  • Sixteen user selectable operating temperatures
  • Built-in audible alarm in the event of a cooling failure (alarms can be silenced or turned off)
  • Coolnomix® App for monitoring and remote control
  • Retrofit solution installed in 2 hours by qualified installer with no disruption
  • Local isolation bypass on/off switch

Don’t just take our word for it…

I am very impressed with the Coolnomix technology with its proven performance to deliver energy and cost saving across our clients air conditioning and refrigeration estates. Coolnomix has surpassed my expectations and we are actively endorsing it across our client base!

Critically important to Sodexo, the Coolnomix technology does not affect either the operating performance or impact on the manufacturers warranties whilst continuing to deliver valuable energy savings

Frazer Russell | Global Energy Manager | Sodexo