Pizza Express Achieves Energy Savings with Voltage Optimisation!

Pizza Express Achieves Energy Savings with Voltage Optimisation!

December 19, 2023

izza Express took a proactive stance in combating climate change by joining the esteemed Lean & Green programme. This initiative recognises companies that successfully meet CO2 reduction targets, showcasing Pizza Express’s dedication to sustainable practices. As part of their ongoing commitment, Pizza Express partnered with Emissis to implement Voltage Optimisation (VO) technology. Let’s delve into how this strategic investment resulted in significant energy savings at Pizza Express facilities.

Voltage Optimisation technology offers numerous advantages for businesses aiming to reduce energy consumption. By ensuring devices operate at their most efficient levels without compromising performance, VO technology helps businesses achieve tangible energy savings. In the case of Pizza Express, the installation of VO systems led to noticeable reductions in electricity bills and carbon emissions, resulting in a swift return on investment.

As a provider of sustainable technologies, Emissis is delighted to have worked with Pizza Express in implementing Voltage Optimisation technology. This successful partnership has produced substantial energy savings, with noticeable reductions in both electricity bills and carbon emissions. Emissis remains dedicated to encouraging positive environmental impact through innovative solutions

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