Coolnomix Case Study: Whitbread

Coolnomix Case Study: Whitbread

January 29, 2024

Whitbread is set to enhance its sustainability efforts with Coolnomix, introducing energy-saving technology across 600 refrigeration units and 250 freezers. Coolnomix’s impact is impressive, saving 2.48 kWh per day per refrigeration unit and 7.79 kWh per day per freezer unit. Coolnomix is achieving annual savings of 1.4 million kWh and generating financial benefits amounting to £277,947.

Over a decade, Whitbread anticipates cumulative financial savings of £2,507,910. Beyond the financial gains, this initiative aligns with global sustainability goals, resulting in an estimated reduction of 2,596,619 kilograms (2,596 tons) of carbon emissions.

Whitbread’s choice to use Coolnomix shows their commitment to saving money and being eco-friendly, proving how technology can make our future more sustainable.

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