Coolnomix Case Study: Côte Brasserie

Coolnomix Case Study: Côte Brasserie

January 29, 2024

Côte Brasserie is committed to achieving five ESG goals, one of which focuses on reducing carbon emissions. To achieve this, Emissis installed Coolnomix, an energy-saving device, across 60 Air Conditioning units and 20 Refrigeration units.

The Air Conditioning units are individually contributing to a yearly carbon savings of nearly 100kg, resulting in a total of 6,000 kg across all 60 units. Similarly, the Refrigeration units are saving 1,400 kg of carbon per unit per year, amounting to a collective carbon saving of 28,000 kg from all 20 units.

Looking ahead, Côte Brasserie anticipates cumulative savings of £519,132 over a decade. Additionally, these efforts are expected to lead to a reduction of approximately 1,600,000 kWh in energy consumption.

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