Empowering Education With Voltage Optimisation

Empowering Education With Voltage Optimisation

June 19, 2023

Founded in 1956 as Birtenshaw School in Bromley Cross, Bolton, The Birtenshaw Group is widely respected for its dedication to delivering outstanding care and education services to individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Their mission to empower those with complex health needs and learning disabilities has garnered widespread recognition.

In their ongoing effort to improve facility functionality and sustainability, The Birtenshaw Group has formed a strategic partnership with Emissis. Our company, Emissis, is a top provider of energy-efficient solutions, with a significant focus on Voltage Optimisation (VO) technology.

Voltage Optimisation Installation Process and Outcomes:

In July, we installed VO machines at two Birtenshaw School locations. In Bolton, we achieved an impressive 9% reduction in energy consumption, while at Birtenshaw School Merseyside, we accomplished a commendable 7.91% reduction. These results average an 8.46% current savings rate, showing significant progress in reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs.

Regarding the installation process conducted by our team, Richard Steen, Director of Estates at The Birtenshaw Group, conveyed his appreciation, stating:

“I extend my sincere thanks to the Emissis team for their seamless and successful installations at Birtenshaw School Campus A in Bolton and Birtenshaw School Merseyside. The team executed the work with minimal disruption to our services, and we eagerly anticipate their return in December to complete Birtenshaw School Campus B in Bolton. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of extending this energy-saving technology to two more of our Bolton sites.”

This collaboration between Emissis and The Birtenshaw Group highlights the power of innovative technology, specifically Voltage Optimisation (VO), in improving sustainability and operational efficiency in educational and care facilities.

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